The Botanical Garden – Balchik

University Botanical Garden in Balchik was established in 1955 by Professor Daki Yordanov, Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “for the period 1956-1962. Today it covers an area of ​​194 decares and has plant collections with more than 4,600 species, which are constantly increasing. It has become an important tourist site. It is also a monument of culture and protected area under the Protected Landscape Area.

The largest landmark in the Botanical Garden is the permanent exposition of cacti and succulents. Lovers of sparse exotic can also enjoy the large-sized outdoor cactus as well as the winter-cacti place. Interesting for specialists and tourists are also the exotic species introduced in the garden – the ancient ginkgo, the metasquake (an individual of such size and age outside the natural range is only in the Royal Botanic Gardens in London), the candy and the rubber tree, the stone oak, the evergreen magnolia, etc. The beautiful landscapes and corners of the garden are represented by one-year spring and summer flowers, alpine and aquatic vegetation, ferns, protected and rare species, lianas, flowering and evergreen shrubs.

Address: Balchik 9006, Post Box 56

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