The Historical Museum – Balchik

The Historical Museum – Balchik began its history back in 1907, when Karel Shkorpil (a Czech-Bulgarian archeologist and museum worker) began his first excavations in the town. He is examining the tomb of a Roman physician priest of the second century AD. In 1936, it was decided to host the museum in a separate building, and in 1937 visitors were welcomed. In the building there is an exhibition reflecting the history of the town of Balchik from its origin in the 6th century BC until its liberation from the Romanian occupation in the 1940s. The exposition also includes marble statues and epigraphic monuments from discoveries in Balchik – Temple of Pontius goddess mother KIBELA – “the discovery of the century”, according to our and foreign archaeologists. Covered 280-260 BC and existed until the 4th century AD. As the number and variety of images, it is the largest group of movable monuments associated with the cult of Cibella, discovered so far in one place. The studied ancient temple is the only open temple of Kibela in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, the best preserved Hellenistic temple in Bulgaria and the only well-preserved temple of the goddess in the world.

Address: town of Balchik, 9600; 2 Dimitar Zhelev Str

Work time:
– winter season: from 08:00. until 16:30; weekends: Saturday and Sunday;
– summer season: from 08:30 hrs. until 17:30: rest day: Sunday;

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